Big Data vs Theory

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While thinking a lot about data lately, I came across the article Big Data and the End of Theory.  The fascinating part of big data that this article doesn’t touch on is neither the amount nor the conclusiveness of the data trends.  Rather, what about the inherent predictability of said data?  It’s more about seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak, as opposed to waiting for inherently conclusive… Read More »Big Data vs Theory

Softball Pitching Fundamentals: The Beginning of the Pitch

When it comes to the beginning of every pitchers’ pitch it is safe to say that everyone has their own style however there are some parts that should always be the same with every pitcher. This is not only be there are specific rules that can result in an illegal pitch, but because there are fundamentals that are essential to becoming a better pitcher. In this article we will talk about how to stand on the mound, rules and regulations, arm swing, and how to push off.

Softball Pitching Fundamentals: Posture

When trying to improve your pitch it is common to think that your pitching arm or stride leg may be the problem and too much focus is shifted there. However, one of the most important parts of the body to focus on is your overall posture. In this article we will be talking about the importance of staying stacked, tall, and how to fix common problems. We will also be looking at some of the underlying causes behind these mistakes and how exactly they hurt your pitching.

Softball Hitting Fundamentals: The Load

Whether you are a beginner or perfecting your swing the load is great place to start, literally. Having a good load and beginning of your swing is essential for timing and gathering up power to put behind your swing. It also just sets the tone for the rest of the swing and if something is wrong in the load then something will be wrong with the rest of the swing. In this article we will be talking about when to shift your weight, how your body should be lined up, and the arm movement.

Softball Pitching Fundamentals: Warm Up

Having a good warm up before a pitching a game or practice is essential to a pitcher’s success. It allows the catcher to figure out what pitches are working, makes pitchers more accurate, and most importantly prevents injury. However, there are so many drills out there, it is hard to know exactly which ones every pitcher should be doing. The drills pitcher’s do before games can also be tailored towards what the pitcher is struggling with or is working on. In this article we will only be talking about the essential drills we think every pitcher should be doing before a game or practice.

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