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Softball Pitching Fundamentals: Arm Circle, Glove Arm, and Positioning

The arm circle in softball is a staple part of the game and a very important part of the pitch. In this article we will be discussing what both your glove and pitching arm should look during the arm circle, common mistakes, and how to fix them

Arm Circle

The arm circle is a very important part of every pitch and the trick is to keep your arm loose and close to your body. However, this is sometimes way easier said then done. Staying loose during the arm circle is essential. When a pitcher is stiff, they lose a lot of speed, velocity, and a lot of spin because they will not have an effective arm whip. It is also important that the pitchers arm stays close to their head and hips as they pitch. Doing this will help with accuracy.

Here is an example of one of the best pitchers of all time, Monica abbot. Notice how her arm is right next to her ear when she is at the top of her arm circle. Some pitchers tend to have their arm further away from their body when they are pitching.

Something else to notice about Monica Abbot’s arm un this Here is a drill from the LSU head coach, Beth Torina, how to keep the arm straight, loose, and close to your body. Here is also another informative drill and for having a loose arm circle if it doesn’t come naturally by Fastpitch Power.

Glove Arm

When pitching sometimes it can be easy to forget that glove arm, but it is important. Having a good glove arm helps with accuracy and helps your body stay balanced as you pitch. When starting your arm circle, it is important for your glove to pointed towards your target.

Here is an example of another professional pitcher, Jennie Finch, showing where your glove should be at in the beginning of your arm circle. Towards the end of the arm circle the glove needs to be brought in close to your hip. If you notice that your glove arm is flinging out and you are having problems fixing it, it can be related to weak core or back strength. Here are some exercises to help specifically strengthen those areas. Fastpitch Power also has a great article and drill to help fix this.

Arm circle and glove positioning are essential to having a well-balanced, fast and accurate pitch. To reiterate what we discussed in this article, make sure to have your arm circle loose and close to your body. Also make sure your glove is pointed towards your target and then tucked by your thigh towards the end of your arm circle.

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