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What is SportsTrace?

Download the app for free! Sportstrace’s Golf Technology enables the golfer to upload his/her swing video to their phone and receive an analysis of their swing motion and body sequence. This data will help the golfer know what specific aspects of the swing motion to work on to see this accelerated improvement of their overall golf swing.

How do golf pros and coaches use SportsTrace?

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What's included with SportsTrace Pro?

I'm a coach. How can I learn more?

To see all the features Sportstrace has to offer the pro/coach, click on this link and schedule a demo with us to the see app in action. We want to learn more about your Instruction program so we are best able to guide you towards the option that fits it best.

I'm a golfer. How do I get started?

Use the button below to purchase the SportsTrace Pro Golf App. SportsTrace Pro gives you full functionality with all of the features and technology SportsTrace offers. After you create your account, just download the app onto your phone or tablet to get started!


Comprehensive Data


17 Body Joints


Injury and unhealthy habits

What specific measures does SportsTrace provide?