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A How-To Guide: Proper Pitching Mechanics

Having proper pitching mechanics not only helps you succeed on the mound but also prevents you from seriously hurting your arm, elbow or shoulder. Proper, deliverable, repeatable, and consistent mechanics keep pitchers healthy and provide you and your team results. There are too many complicated articles about 20-step, intricately detailed treatises on the perfect pitching mechanics, but the three basic components of every pitch come down to three things: the windup, the… Read More »A How-To Guide: Proper Pitching Mechanics

A How-To Guide: Proper Hitting Mechanics

This is far from surprising, but hitting at the Major League level is really hard. For a 95 mile-per-hour fastball coming at you from just 60 feet, players have 425-450 milliseconds from the time the ball is released until it gets to home plate. During that time, hitters have to not only recognize the type of pitch blazing towards them but be in the position to hit that pitch 400-plus feet. To do that,… Read More »A How-To Guide: Proper Hitting Mechanics

5 Ways AI Can Improve Your Golf Swing

Whether you only make it to a course a few times a year or you are competing in The Masters at Augusta National this weekend, you probably want to improve your swing in some way. Bringing down your handicap has never been easier and more accessible thanks to AI apps and online services like Swing Index, Golf Boost, Golf AI and 18 Birdies. Here are five ways how AI can… Read More »5 Ways AI Can Improve Your Golf Swing

Understanding Elite Pitching through Spin Rate and Axis

Up until a few years ago, throwing a baseball was never about improving spin rate or axis. The capability to measure either just didn’t exist: large data sets were used to assess broad trends in player performance. But with the increasingly accurate methods of measuring player movement analytics, understanding the physics of a pitched ball are giving front offices, coaches, and teams the ability to hone and improve their pitchers.… Read More »Understanding Elite Pitching through Spin Rate and Axis

How AI Can Improve Play on the Diamond

Traditionally, data analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process and make sense of this data in ways that cannot be replicated manually by humans. Recent developments in AI and the associated technology of machine learning (ML) have yielded the ability to simulate human intelligence to assist coaches and managers in making real-time decisions. By studying the patterns revealed through analytics and working with AI applications, players and teams can improve… Read More »How AI Can Improve Play on the Diamond

The New Era of Off the Field Player Development

In the early part of the 21st century, teams with the most analytic information like the Oakland Athletics had such a unique and distinct advantage over their opponents that Brad Pitt ended up playing A’s mastermind Billy Beane in the movie adaptation of Moneyball. But two decades later, every team has robust analytics departments filled with Ivy League quants poring over data points to extract every single advantage they can… Read More »The New Era of Off the Field Player Development

The Value of Analytics in Baseball Today

As Major League Baseball begins its 2020 postseason, you won’t find any of the 16 playoff teams without an analytics success story. It’s how in July 2018, the New York Yankees took a chance and traded two middle relief pitchers to the St. Louis Cardinals for the regular season home run leader Luke Voit. Despite hitting .246 with a .305 on-base percentage in 62 games in 2017, disastrous numbers in… Read More »The Value of Analytics in Baseball Today