About Us

Athletes, coaches, and technologists working together to help athletes get better

As athletes and coaches, we’ve faced the problem ourselves for years – how do I know that I am getting better? In early 2020, Max and Alex left their jobs at Microsoft, leaning on their technical backgrounds and lifelong love of sport in search of an answer. 

Only a short time later, the result is SportsTrace, a company providing comprehensive data and intuitive insights to athletes in a format that is simple and easy to understand – all for around the price of a streaming subscription.

We believe that everyone is an athlete. We are on a mission to empower every athlete and coach, regardless of budget, to reach their full potential. It’s nice to meet you!

Max Montrey

Max Montrey

CEO & Co-founder
Alex Gardner

Alex Gardner

CTO & Co-founder

Eric Niesen


Shreyansh Mohta

Business Development - Cricket