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How I learned to stop worrying and love the distributed team

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We often hear a lot about the positives – and negatives – of distributed teams.  You can certainly argue about the benefits of increased focus, happiness, and productivity.  I agree that these things are all true, but my own experiences are more focused. But only 20% of workers have a remote work option or a distributed team. “Distributed team” means many things – home office, satellite “away” office, NO office.… Read More »How I learned to stop worrying and love the distributed team

Baseball advice changes over the years

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Weren’t we all taught to swing level when we were young?  It’s part of a keep it simple principle.  There are too many nuanced mechanical dynamics for any single baseball swing that it wouldn’t be possible to capture them all in a series of complicated demands.  It would be like a game of Twister.  You are stepping, you are swinging, you are rotating your hips while keeping your head as… Read More »Baseball advice changes over the years

Defining meaning

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The more pressing, if more complex, task of our digital age, then, lies not in figuring out what comes after the yottabyte, but in cultivating contact with an increasingly technologically formed world.  In order to understand how our lives are already deeply formed by technology, we need to consider information not only in the abstract terms of terrabytes and zettabytes, but also in more cultural terms. How do the technologies… Read More »Defining meaning

Kinect for Windows SDK 1.5

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Yesterday in the Kinect for Windows Blog, we found that some new features will be released in an update for the SDK. In addition to increased language support and “seated mode,” we’ll be getting record, playback and debug capabilities.  This just brings questions to mind: Will this functionality be better or worse than the KinectRecorder? Will the SDK have discrete saved parts (image, depth, skeleton) for inspection? Will the SDK… Read More »Kinect for Windows SDK 1.5