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New, New Things

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I am glad the author of this article gives proper attribution to Michael Lewis:


It’s true that the next, next thing will incorporate multi-device, multi-user propositions, with a great nod to the NUI.  We are, in fact, due for the next thing at this point.  Information or data must be accessible anywhere, with fluid ease and a more comprehensible accessibility at that.  The level of abstraction that information technology has compounded upon the process of efficiency is one that’s difficult to grasp.  To be able to master simply the English language and physically transfer that to the sub-syntax of computers is difficult enough for the one-on-one interaction of the human-computer interaction paradigm, let alone many-to-many interactions that will follow.

In the last post, we talked about the commoditization of information technology tools and techniques.  To a degree, this commoditization can help the end user to assimilate these abstract interfaces.  But we still live in a world where a total of 33% of the population uses the internet (according to Nielsen Online, the ITU, and a variety of regulatory bodies).  To better enable the world population, this next, next thing needs to embrace this underserved portion of the population through cost and general accessibility.  We often take for granted, in the United States, the ease of accessibility and the dynamics of cost, but unfortunately, it’s not a widespread global situation.