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SportsTrace Pro Mobile App Release 2.0

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The latest SportsTrace Mobile App release 2.0 is out! And it feels like just a short few weeks ago we released 1.8. So good, we skipped 1.9!

With this major release, you have access to the following new features in both Android and iOS:

  • MORE informational content for analytics
  • Assessments
  • Org view
  • Upload on behalf of
  • More annotations
  • In-app notifications

For any questions, you can always [email protected] OR:


MORE informational content for analytics

More, More, More

We’re always adding more relevant analytics for each sport and we are constantly making those analytics more relatable. Thus, the explanations


Green check good, red x bad

Got data? CHECK. Easier to understand.

Org view

I got the power

See all your players. Check in on what they have uploaded right from your phone.

Upload on behalf of

This is the endgame

All those players? Yeah, you don’t need to wait for them. You can upload video for them.

More annotations

We said we had the ability to make limitless annotations on video automatically. That’s right, without you drawing on it. Well, we can. And, we did. And, we will keep doing it.

In-app notifications

Just a little better every time

Now this is where the fun begins. It starts with video upload notifications and will become…anything you want.