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5 Ways AI Can Improve Your Golf Swing

Whether you only make it to a course a few times a year or you are competing in The Masters at Augusta National this weekend, you probably want to improve your swing in some way.

Bringing down your handicap has never been easier and more accessible thanks to AI apps and online services like Swing Index, Golf Boost, Golf AI and 18 Birdies. Here are five ways how AI can improve your golf swing:


You no longer have to find an expensive coach or club professional. AI apps enable anyone to upload your swings and receive instant analysis of your mechanics using proprietary 3D technology. During the COVID pandemic where many players were forced to find alternative ways to improve their game without in-person coaching, AI has stepped in as the solution that excites players and fans alike for what it could mean for the future of golf.  

Find Your Flaws

Once your swing is uploaded, the instant analysis breaks down your swing’s strengths and weaknesses and where you need the most and least amount of help. Maybe your posture is good, but your backswing or hip rotation leave a little, or a lot, to be desired. The AI determines where you’ve gone wrong and where you may not need as much help as you may have anticipated.

Catered Drills

Once those flaws have been identified, AI apps provide specific, catered drills to your flaws and weaknesses that can improve your mechanics from the comfort of your own home. These drills likely won’t be free, but it beats doing guesswork on the course or going to TopGolf and hacking away, especially if similar type simulator locations and costly lessons are closed in your area due to COVID-19.

Track Your Progress

After you receive your drills, lessons are your roadmap to success. Depending on which AI app you choose, you’ll hopefully improve and develop every element of your swing that the initial AI evaluation said you needed work on. And instead of having to book a lesson or an appointment, you can progress on your own time from the comfort of your home.

Exude Confidence

AI helps you show tangible growth and progress on your swing, increasing not only your confidence as a player but your ability to consistently hit balls harder and further. Not a bad result for just downloading a simple to use AI golf app.