Coach Rick TrainRight Academy - SportsTrace Pro Monthly

$99.99 / month

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Upload your swings and pitches to unlock:

  • 30 minute monthly remote coaching consultation w/ Coach Rick
  • Customized Training – MoveRight Functional Skills Training
  • Personalized Hitting and Pitching Drills
  • Unlimited Swing and Pitch video submissions


  • MANAGE – Upload videos to the secure, private SportsTrace cloud so that you and the Strickland Baseball coaches can access everything, any time through any device.
  • ANALYZE – See how you move in 3D and get measurements specific for your sport.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – Drills, exercises, and products from partner coaches/scientists that help you improve fast.
  • COMPARE – Wondering about your best or how you look next to a pro? Review You vs You or You vs the Pros.