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Sportstrace Coach Rick Strickland Train Right Academy

SportsTrace Powers Results

Combining SportsTrace’s video automation and AI technology with Coach Rick’s elite training regiments helps you to train smarter and more efficiently. With these personalized training plans, your training will be custom tailored to help you achieve your goals – FAST!

  • 30 minute live remote coaching session w/ former Yankee and MLB Consultant, Coach Rick Strickland
  • Personalized MoveRight Functional Training Program
  • Custom Hitting and Pitching Drills from Coach Rick
  • Unlimited Swing and Pitch Reviews
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Understand how to drive results

There’s a ton of data in baseball, but it’s hard to see what drive those outcomes. SportsTrace quantifies and analyzes athlete’s mechanics so you can see what specific movements and trends create the best outcomes. SportsTrace can even analyze your ball data to illuminate how your mechanics specifically affect what the ball does.

Sportstrace Coach Rick Strickland Train Right Academy


Comprehensive Data


17 Body Joints


Injury and unhealthy habits


Monthly Live Coaching

Sportstrace Coach Rick Strickland Train Right Academy Baseball Batter

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$99.99 Monthly / $799.99 Yearly