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What is a recommendation?

Recommendations are at the heart of the SportsTrace Pro Mobile App. When we say SportsTrace turns game and practice video into ways for athletes to improve, that improvement comes from these recommendations. Recommendations are specific to you, your sport, and your activity. Recommendations target specific movements in your game to make you the best you can be.

What kinds of recommendations are there?

SportsTrace provides recommendations as links in the form of:

  • Drills
  • Exercises
  • Information
  • Products
SportsTrace provides recommendations for every sport we cover GUARANTEED.
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Three Recommendation Phone Screens with SportsTrace

How can I use recommendations?

The recommendations that are generated by SportsTrace are specific to YOU and YOUR GAME. Use these targeted recommendations to improve your game. View the link and use there recommendations to improve your game faster.

How do I get recommendations?

SportsTrace Pro users are provided recommendations for the videos they upload. As a pro member, all you need to do is upload videos and recommendations are generated based on an analysis of you. Those recommendations are always available through your account on any connected iOS (Apple) or Android device.

Sportstrace moblie app hand hold phone moment