SportsTrace Features - Comparisons

Upload your video, Understand your game with ways to visualize your form

SportsTrace compare with three angled phones

What are comparisons?

Comparisons are important visual ways to look at two different videos and see the differences. Comparisons are only available the mobile app with a SportsTrace Pro subscription. There are two kinds of comparisons in SportsTrace Pro: side-by-side and overlay. With both kinds of comparisons, you have the ability to apply filters – these are the different kinds of annotations we apply on top of the video to show how you are moving.

Overlay Comparisons

If you have two similar videos, you can use Overlay Comparisons to show the videos, one on top of the other. You can play the videos simultaneously in full speed or slo-mo. You can also change the sports-specific filters to show different annotations. These annotations are lines automatically drawn on top of the video that are specifically designed to show you important parts of your form and technique. Each video has a timeline slider to scroll through the video. And, there is a slider control up top to switch between videos.

SportsTrace Compare Overlay phone in hand
SportsTrace mobile app softball comparison overlay

Side-By-Side Comparisons

You can easily look at videos next to one another as well. You have most of the same features: full speed & slow-mo, sports-specific filters, and simultaneous scrolling timelines. You also get the added benefit of data about how your body is moving.