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Does Scott Boras have an argument against Moneyball?

878 Million. That is the amount of contract money that Scott Boras negotiated at this year’s Winter Meetings. The annual affair, held this year in Las Vegas, produced a number of megalithic deals all tied to the same illustrious super-agent. But why did this week in Sin City offer such a noteworthy haul for the three Scott Boras studs that were signed?  Let’s look at the players involved:  Stephen Strasburg  In case you live under a rock, Stephen… Read More »Does Scott Boras have an argument against Moneyball?

Baseball advice changes over the years

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Weren’t we all taught to swing level when we were young?  It’s part of a keep it simple principle.  There are too many nuanced mechanical dynamics for any single baseball swing that it wouldn’t be possible to capture them all in a series of complicated demands.  It would be like a game of Twister.  You are stepping, you are swinging, you are rotating your hips while keeping your head as… Read More »Baseball advice changes over the years

Fitness as a game…

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…makes sense, since most training activities are centered around a game of one sort or another.  Engadget reported today that Nike is extending the Nike+ brand to gamify training, in this case: basketball.  Several tangible components are measured during training, but some abstract concepts (hustle!), as well as “for-fun” activities (dunking!!) are shown as well.  These applications are tied to the sale of shoes, which is a great cross promotional… Read More »Fitness as a game…

Baseball Biomechanics and Kinematics

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As Jonah Keri reported yesterday in Grantland, the Houston Astros made an interesting hire or two in the recent past.  One of these hires, Sig Mejdal, is the most compelling to me: “All the pieces of information that you can imagine that we evaluate on an everyday basis to make decisions, we’re going to do that in a systematic way,” said new Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow, who brought Mejdal… Read More »Baseball Biomechanics and Kinematics