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SportsTrace Pro Mobile App Release 2.0

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Enhanced Body Tracking, Annotated Video a.k.a. “Active Telestration”, Improved Recommendations, Improved Sign Up Experience, Bug Fixes

The Financial Impact of Technology in Sports

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Advances in modern technology have impacted every sector and segment of society, including both on and off the field/court in the sports industry. See how technology helps this advancement.

SportsTrace: Adaptations for Athletes

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FROM SportsTrace MEDIUM: COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of athletics around the world, but perhaps none have been affected greater than athletic training.

For at least a good chunk of the pandemic, gyms have been closed everywhere. Access to in person personal trainers has never been more restricted. So like everything else in life, we’ve had to adapt and resort to video for our athletic training needs. This is occurring at every level, from amateur and pro players and teams to just your everyday Joe or Jill who just wants to get in a good workout.

SportsTrace: Understanding Elite Pitching Through Spin Rate and Axis

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FROM SportsTrace SUBSTACK: Up until a few years ago, throwing a baseball was never about improving spin rate or axis. The capability to measure either just didn’t exist: large data sets were used to assess broad trends in player performance. But with the increasingly accurate methods of measuring player movement analytics, understanding the physics of a pitched ball are giving front offices, coaches, and teams the ability to hone and improve their pitchers.

How to take video for analytics in sports

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Overview Taking video for analytics in sports can be looked at in a couple of ways. The first would be the literal, simplistic approach, which we’ve previously discussed in a whimsical way. Having a steady camera on a newer device with nothing blocking the subject are all really valuable and important pieces of advice! But analytics in sports are gleamed in so many settings that teams, players, leagues, organizations and… Read More »How to take video for analytics in sports

SportsTrace: How AI can Improve Athletes

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FROM SportsTrace SUBSTACK: Traditionally, data analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process and make sense of this data in ways that cannot be replicated manually by humans. By studying the patterns revealed through analytics and working with AI applications, players and teams can improve their performance in games and get more value from practice sessions.