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SportsTrace automatically analyzes sports training or in-game video and provides insights and recommendations

SportsTrace Automate

Automated analysis

SportsTrace Analysis

Accurate insights

SportsTrace Personal

Personal recommendations


Why SportsTrace?

Our automated motion capture and analytics solution delivers
actionable insights and recommendations for every athlete, all from your device

Maximize training time by minimizing analysis time and see results faster

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Our service costs no more than your monthly video streaming service

SportsTrace Accessible

Upload videos and review analysis and recommendations on your mobile device

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All recommendations are geared towards your results based on your training

SportsTrace Targeted

Focus in on the sports you are training for or participating in with exacting precision

SportsTrace Automate

All analysis is done for you quickly, accurately, and privately in our cloud

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How SportsTrace works

SportsTrace automates training analysis to provide the insights you need that can be accessed anywhere, anytime

Record & upload

Simply record video from your sports training session on any device and upload it to SportsTrace – we take over from here

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Video Processing

Using proprietary AI algorithms, SportsTrace processes your video and analyzes your movements in three dimensions

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Data & analysis

SportsTrace accurately analyzes the training moments, delivering previously unseen data points & personalized insights designed to help you improve

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SportsTrace team

Experience, Expertise, Commitment
Max Montrey

Founder & CEO

Alex Gardner

Founder & CTO

Tatiana Kazakis

Founder & CMO



Rooted in technology with a sports mind, SportsTrace aims to help athletes train better.  Currently, most training relies on outcome-based advice, but very few technologies are telling you what causes this outcome.  We are solving that exact problem by breaking down the movements of an athlete to figure out what went right and what went wrong.

Our goal is to become the leader in sports analytics.  We are starting with sports training, but we look to venture into streaming/broadcast sports and then beyond the sports vertical.


Training Comparisons


Tracked Body Joints


Injury Prevention


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